Sunday, December 30, 2007
One More Finish!
I finished Kitty Love! I guess I did just need a switch. Ive been toying with the idea of rotating again. My plan at the moment is to pick a project at the beginning of the month. If I finish it before the end of the month, I'll work on something else. If not, I'll switch to a different project at the beginning of the next month. So that may last a week. Since I just finished Kitty Love, I think I'll pull out Dragonfly Quick Stitch. It's calling pretty loudly, and I've got another day to stitch this month. I can stitch for a little while tonight, and a little bit tomorrow, between the YMCA and the party.
I don't remember my 2007 goals. I think they were to finish everything I already had started. So, not even close! It's all good, though. I think I only had about ten finishes, almost all of them small. I've also lost count on how many projects I started.
My 2008 goals are simple. I want to finish five projects that I already have started. Which five doesn't matter. No, that's wrong. I will finish Tobi's stocking this year! That's about it for goals.
I also would like to lose at least twenty pounds. I have lost ten since the end of September. It's been hard, but I would love to lose a total of about sixty pounds. The actual weight is not as important as being healthier.
That's all for me! Happy New Year!

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Monday, December 24, 2007
To Slump Or Not Slump
I think I might be in a stitching slump. I'm not sure though. I've been so busy lately, I don't know if it's really a slump, or I'm just too tired when I do have a few minutes to stitch.
I did stitch two ornaments for Tobi's teachers. I did Apples 25 Cents by Hob Nobb Designs on Crystal Carnival Cashel linen from Picture This Plus. I finished them as mat board ornaments. Of course I didn't start them until the Sunday night before school got out for the holidays. The last day was a Wednesday, so I was up until two that morning to make sure I got them done in time. So that's why no pictures. By the time I got them done, all I wanted to do was sleep. They loved them though.
I did pick up two frames. First I got Happy Hoppers by Lizzie Kate back. It's stitched on 28 ct. Spring Cashel linen from Picture This Plus, which came with the kit. I stitched it up over a year ago for my niece. Her birthday was last week, so I'll give it to her next time I see her. I'll probably never know if she likes it. She's such a little snot at the moment. I'm sure part of it is her age (eleven now), but she gets away with way to much. She calls her mom fat, and she is always rude. Last time I saw her, we were all at my mom's. They were getting ready to leave, and she said to here mom, who didn't hear her, "Come on! Just stop talking already!" I got so mad, that I pulled her aside and told her she needed to be nicer to her mother; she was being just plain mean, for no reason at all. It wasn't like she had anything planned to do. She was gonna go home and watch cartoons. She was better for the rest of the time they were there, but I doubt it lasted until they get home. I could understand if she was just mean and pissy one week a month, but it is every freaking day! After they left, I apologized to my mom, for anytime I was ever that bad.
Back to framing stuff though. I also got back The Time I Spend Stitching by Dragon Dreams. I think this one is on Mulberry Cashel linen by Zweigart. I brought it to show my mom, and she loved it. I also showed it to my grandma. I brought In Every Nest at the same time. Her response was, "Wow! Those are bright colors!"
I'm thinking next I'm gonna finish Kitty Love. Maybe a quick finish is what I need. I was going to work on Pirate for the Mermaid SAL on the HAED board, but then the weekend kinda exploded on me.
Last Friday, I took Darin to the doctor, because he had had a cold, and the cough just wouldn't go away. The doctor said it was asthma. The doctor had to give him a nebulizer treatment before we left though, because Darin couldn't take a deep enough breath for him to be sure. They make dinosaur masks for kids to wear. They let Darin keep his, since they can't reuse them.
So this Friday, we had to go back, to make sure the medicine was working. Meanwhile, Jymi tells me he also has a family history with asthma. I didn't know this, because neither he nor his sister have it. So when we went back to the doctor, I told him this. He said he was going to put Darin on a inhaled steroid, since he had so many risk factors. He also needed the inhaler more often than he should.
We go back in another two weeks to make sure he's doing better. Then, they're also going to do a blood test to see if the animals are triggers. The doctor doesn't think so, though, or we would've found out about the asthma sooner, since we've always had cats. Which is good, since the cats, especially Hannah, are kinda his. The upside to this, is now Jymi will finally quit smoking and not start again. He has been trying to quit for about a month now, and this has given him extra incentive. It also gives him a very good reason not to start again. For some reason, "It's bad for your health," and, "I don't want to lose you," have not been good enough reasons. Now, "It could cause Darin to have an asthma attack," is working. That may be an exaggeration; I'm still learning details, but Jymi's as ignorant on the subject as I am, and if it keeps him quitting, I'll keep exaggerating. The ends justify the means kinda thing.
So we spent the second Friday in a row at the doctor's in the morning and at the pharmacist in the afternoon. While doing the basics, the doctor said Darin had fluid in his ears. If they weren't infected yet, they would be the next day. So we also had to get him an antibiotic. It was fun trying to get him to take it, too. The doctor had given him an oral medicine for his asthma the visit before, which evidently tasted very bad. He screamed when he saw the new red bottle, after I promised him no more of the nasty one. Once I held him down and got him to take it, it wasn't a problem anymore. This one, I guess tastes much better. The pharmacy was out of the inhaler the doctor prescribed though. So we had to go back today to get it. Did I mention we use the pharmacy at Target? That was fun. NOT! We've got it now, though.
Saturday, we were supposed to go to Jymi's dad's family's Christmas party. I woke up at three in the morning, sick though. So when they showed up, I let them take the boys, and I stayed home. After a couple hours, I called my mom, and asked her to bring me some popsicles. She did, along with lots of other easy to make foods, in case I wasn't feeling up to cooking when the boys got home. I was feeling better by the time the boys got home though. It was short lived.
Around eight, Tobi came out of my room, screaming his head off, saying his ear hurt. So I got dressed, and we went to the urgent care center. After two and a half hours, we were finally seen. The first hour, Tobi screamed nonstop, because he was in so much pain. When we did see the doctor, he was very nice. He talked to Tobi, and asked him about his Wolfie he'd brought. He also listened while Darin told him how his ears were sick, too, and he had to take orange medicine. The doctor said both Tobi's ears were infected, and gave us a prescription. By then, it was eleven, four hours past Darin's bedtime, and three hours past Tobi's. So we went home, and Saturday morning it was back to the pharmacy. Tobi got a different medicine though.
I've got all the presents wrapped now. I've also got to open the present Jymi ordered me. He wasn't sure he'd get Christmas off, and he wanted to see me open it. So we put on the webcams, and he watched me open my pink sapphire and diamond heart necklace. It's gorgeous!
I feel kinda bad, since Jymi doesn't have any presents to open. I already sent him his, and he's already opened them. He says he's okay, but I'm getting the impression he's a little down. It is late, too though. It's already Christmas there. We'll make it up to him when he gets home though. Only a few more months. It's more than halfway through.
Anyway. That's plenty for today. Maybe I'll get a few stitches in Kitty Love after dinner. Happy holidays! Peace on Earth, and goodwill to all!

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Wednesday, December 12, 2007
Framing Pics!
Sorry it took so long, but here are my framing pics. First up is Irish Coffee, by RK Portfolio. It's done on 28 ct. Crystal Highland Cashel linen from Picture This Plus. I stitched it for Jymi, and hung it in the kitchen.
Next up is A Wee Bit Irish by Hob Nobb Doodles For Leftovers. I did it on the same fabric as Irish Coffee, so they would go together. So I used the same frame and also hung it in the kitchen, across from it's partner.
I also hung this one in the kitchen. It's In Every Nest by Raise The Roof. It's stitched on 28 ct. Spring Jazlyn, again from Picture This Plus. I changed the soft pastel Six Strand Sweets called for with bright obnoxious Weeks Dye Works. It was a little difficult to pick a frame for this one, since nothing "normal" worked with it. I like the way it came out, but I think I may be the only one. Jymi will probably pitch a fit when he comes home.
This is one Jymi's grandma did for him when he was little. She never did anything with it, but gave it to me last spring. So I got it framed and hung it in the boys room. I'm thinking of taking it with us when we go for Christmas to show her. It meant alot to me that she gave it to me instead of one of her daughters. I guess it makes more sense to give it Jymi's kids since it was a little young for Jymi now. She does consider me another grandchild, too.
Here is my Dragon Soul print, that Jymi bought me. I think it came out beautifully! Darin likes it, too.
I also had another one framed, Happy Hoppers by Lizzie Kate. When I went to pick it up though, it had a big gaudy gold frame. I know some people think gold frames look good on everything, but I usually hate them. In case you haven't noticed, I prefer black or silver frames. It looked horrible. So I picked the frame it was supposed to get again, and sent it back. They called me today to tell me it's ready. It's going to be a present for my niece.
Tobi's birthday was in the last week of November. He came home from school that day, very upset. He told me I'd forgotten to bring his class cupcakes. He hadn't told me he wanted me to though. So the next week, I brought cupcakes. The store was nice enough to make it into Spiderman crawling up a wall. I felt kinda bad, loading a bunch of kindergartners up on sugar and leaving. I learned though that recess is right after snack time, just so the kids can run off the extra energy. Darin got to go outside and play with the other kids, too. He thought that was the coolest thing.
I have started and finished a model. No pictures yet, though. I'm going to get back to Tobi's stocking now. I will finish it eventually. Pictures of progress on that will be coming soon!

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Saturday, December 01, 2007
November Accomplishments, December Goals, And Thanksgiving Recap
My November goal was to finish all the cross stitch on Tobi's stocking. Didn't happen, but it is getting there. I've got a small model, so Tobi's stocking is on hold. At this point though, I don't think I could get it finished and put together by this Christmas anyway. I will have it done by the next Christmas, though. I really mean it this time.
My December goals are to finish the model and work on Tobi's stocking.
The model shouldn't take too long. I haven't worked on it near as much as I should, but it goes fast when I pick it up. I've been taking it with me to stitch on in the car while I wait for Tobi to get out of school. Although, I have to admit, one day this past week, I was so tired, I took a nap in the front seat instead.
I decided to take the boys to my dad's house in Virginia for Thanksgiving. We drove up Wednesday. Eight hours in a car with a four-year-old and a six-year-old. I was ready to scream by the time we got there. I had given in to listening to Halloween songs. Anything to get them to quiet down.
Thursday, we got back in the car and drove two hours to my aunt's house in Maryland for Thanksgiving dinner. Her grandson was there, too, and he and my boys had a blast. Tobi couldn't remember his name to save his life, but he's still asking when we're going to go see his, "friends in the yellow shirt," again. We drove back that evening.
Friday, I was so tired, the boys stayed at my dad's all day watching movies. My dad had to work. In the evening though, we drove through our old neighborhood, to see if there were any lights up yet. The boys loved the few lights we saw.
Saturday, I took the to The Children's Museum in Portsmouth. They had a blast! They have a whole pretend city. All the exhibits are so cool and so much fun, that even the adults forget they're educational! We spent a couple hours looking at everything, pushing every button, and looking at everything! That evening, after my dad got off work, we went down to see the light show on the boardwalk. The boys oohed and ahhed over all the lights.
Sunday, we went to the Navy Exchange, and I bought some Christmas presents for Jymi and the boys. They had some Thomas The Tank Engine Lego sets, where I haven't found them anywhere around here. So I bought one of each set they had for Darin. After that, we went back to my dad's for lunch. Then we started back home. Another eight hours in the car. At least this time, the boy slept about halfway. It was only after I stopped at a gas station to make sure everyone had their own blankies, stuffed animals, and pillows. I also had to make sure their pillows didn't touch. My children are obnoxious.
I picked up most of my framing today. One had somehow gotten the wrong frame. My print of Dragon Soul is gorgeous! It came out beautifully! I will post pictures tomorrow. It's almost bedtime here, and I'm ready for it. Have a nice weekend!

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