Monday, August 27, 2007
New Start Again
I started Earth Song with the SAL on the HAED board. I got in 1700 stitches, and 1500 are black. It doesn't look like much, but it was fun. I'm sick of black thread now though. I'm gonna try to work on Angel Of Capricorn some more, but I don't know how long that will last.
Tobi's enjoying school. Darin's enjoying being able to play with Tobi's toys while he's gone. I'm enjoying it, too. It much easier to go to the store when I only have one child to fight into the cart.
Friday, Darin and I are meeting my sister at my mom's to dye some fabric and play with the clay stuff she got. She bought it to make buttons for sweaters she knits for charity, but she says there's an awful lot in the "sampler Pack" she got. I want to play with it, and the kids loved the buttons she'd already made. Anyway. It's time for bed, and I have to fold laundry so I can get to the bed.

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Thursday, August 23, 2007
Angels And Demons
Here's my pitiful progress on Angel Of Capricorn. I've only worked on it two days. It's not that I don't want to stitch; it's just when I have time, I'm so exhausted. I'm going to spend all day tomorrow on Earth Song.
They caught the suspect! He was arrested this morning! I'm so happy for Jill and her mother. They've been so upset since it happened. As it says in the article, they've been afraid to bring the kids home. I still can't believe anyone would do something so horrible, especially to such wonderful people. That's enough ranting for today, though. While I'm still very angry about what happened, right now I'm so happy to hear they think they have the culprit!
Tobi is enjoying school. He had a friend now. I think he's made a few friends, but he can only remeber one name. He also brought home his first homework assignment; a picture of a computer to color. I miss kindergarden. Life was so much easier then. Tomorrow is the last day I will walk him in. He's going to show me where to go, so I know he knows where to go. He's lucky; his is the first classroom after you go in, so it's not very hard. Anyway. It's time for bed. I'm not used to getting up at six. I usually get up at ten!

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Wednesday, August 22, 2007
Tobi's First Day
Tobi started school today. It was kinda bittersweet. I think it'll be worse next week. This week I get to help him find his classroom, and walk him into the school in the mornings. Next week, he'll get out of the car, walk in, and he'll be gone. His teachers are very nice, and he says he's made lots of friends. The pick up line at the end of the day was pretty long, but it won't be as long next week. I know some of the parents are just picking up their kids this first week.
I was worried about how Darin would react to Tobi being gone all day. When we got back in the car after taking Tobi inside, he wanted to ride in Tobi's seat. They both still ride in booster seat, so it wasn't a big deal. Then when we got home, Darin wanted to watch cartoons in my room. It wasn't wrong before I remembered why I let Tobi watch cartoons in there, but not Darin. The little twerp kept going through my stuff. Darin and I met my mom and sister for lunch at Olive Garden. Darin ate salad, breadsticks, fondue, his mac and cheese, and a sundae for dessert. Which he well deserved. Then we went to Target with Kathy, and back to her house for a while to hang out before picking up the kids.
If you click on the picture, you can see Tobi had another milestone this past week. He lost his first tooth! He came up to me one morning, all excited because the tooth fairy was gonna visit him. That was the first I'd heard of his loose tooth, but it fell out that evening at dinner. He was so excited! The only problem was when I went to play tooth fairy, I couldn't find the tooth.
Jymi called me tonight. It was the first time I've talked to him in about a week. He's going somewhere different now. It's still in Iraq, but it has phone and internet access, so I hopefully won't have to go two months without hearing from him. It's also alot safer than the area he was supposed to be going into. I can't tell you how happy I was when he told me!
About my last post, I've been looking at the local paper's website. I found an article today saying they have a suspect! The article says he could fifteen years in prison if convicted. I SOOOOOO hope they find him. Here's a link to original article my dad told me about. The paper's website was down yesterday. I was so mad though, I had to let it out somewhere.
I'm sorry it's been so long since I've posted a stitching update. I've stitched a grand total of four days this month. I will post a picture of Angel Of Capricorn tomorrow, what little bit there is to show. Friday, I'm starting Earth Song for the New Start SAL. The whole first page has two different colors! Wow! I don't know how I'll keep up! That's all for today! Stitchy stuff tomorrow!

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Tuesday, August 21, 2007
I Could Scream!
I simply cannot find words to describe what I'm feeling right now. I am so angry at the people responsible, and so upset than anyone could do something so hurtful. I can't believe people are willing to hurt each other over something as trivial as the color of their skin!
One of my friends from high school had her car parked in front of her house. It was vandalized with racial slurs and then set on fire, because she's her boyfriend's black and they have two kids! You know what? Who freaking cares? She is one of the sweetest people I have ever met. Her husband is very nice, and a wonderful father. Their kids are wonderful children.
How can people be so cruel?


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Wednesday, August 15, 2007
My New Toy!!
I'm typing this on my new laptop! It was an early Christmas present! Jymi's jealous because my dad had told him about it, and mine's nicer than his. I'd tell you all the technical stuff, but I don't understand any of it, and it bores the hell out of me! All that really matters is that it works, and I can play my Sims games on it!
My dad also brought me a router and anew camera, since Jymi took the old one. He took u shopping, and spent an obscene about of money on back to school clothes. He did the same thing for my sister. He also gave us each money for new tires, since we both needed them. He also bought us a new PS2 since our last one died, and we had to sell the PS3. So I was out of excuses to not buy Tobi Harry Potter And The Order Of The Pheonix. We had a great time, and my dad loved spoiling all the kids.
Jymi's leaving the country today. The phones and internet are down where they're going, so it'll be at least two month before I hear from him at all. That's gonna make it even harder.
The boys are acting out because they miss him, and Darin's going to get worse when Tobi starts school. Tobi starts one week from today! It's a little scary for me, but Tobi's very excited, now that it's finally August. We're having a sleep over tonight, since it'll probably be the last chance this summer. They should be here soon, so it's time to set up the slip and slide and order pizza!

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Monday, August 13, 2007
Two Weeks Later
After two weeks of not stitching at all, I finally picked up Cascade again! The picture's not very good. There's at least fifteen shades of brown in there, not that you can see them. In real life, you can almost tell that the black blobs are the top of the tree. I'd try the camera, but Jymi took it with him. My dad got me a new one for Christmas. He's coming down in a couple days, and bringing it then.
I'm moving on to Angel Of Capricorn, next, but I won't get much done for the first couple days. I plan to start it today, but my dad's coming tomorrow. He's taking both me and my sister shopping for clothes for the kids. We're going to the outlet mall an hour away, so it's going to be an all day thing. He's going home Wednesday, but my niece and nephew are going to have a sleep over that night. I was supposed to babysit all night a couple weeks ago, but I couldn't sleep at all, so it didn't happen. I offered to have a sleep over to make up for it. We're gonna order pizza and watch movies. Darin got a slip and slide for his birthday (see picture), and they'll play on that. I also found Pixar Monopoly at Target, and had to buy it! My kids are too little to play, though, so I'm looking forward to Chris and Alex coming over to play.
Darin's ear infection is better now. He finished his medicine yesterday. He's gotta go back to the doctor again in a couple weeks, for his regular check up and shots. Fun.

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Thursday, August 09, 2007
Jymi's Gone Again
It was a wonderful four days. We spent Sunday with his family. It was outside, and very hot, but still fun. Jymi said he didn't want to spend everyday with his parents, but I didn't really think he meant it. On Monday, though, they called, asking us to dinner. We had just sat down though, so we didn't go.
They kept hinting at doing something Tuesday, but he kept telling them we were going to the movies. We saw The Simpsons (very funny, if nonsensical, like the show) and Harry Potter (after seeing it the second time, I've decided it was pretty disappointing; there's nothing to except the battle at the end). Then we bought Darin's birthday presents, and brought them home. When we got home, Jymi's parents called his cell. He knew they wanted us to go to dinner again, and didn't answer. They called the house phone, my cell, and Jymi's cell again before giving up. Jymi waited until we went to Dairy Queen before the last movie, at eight, before calling them back. He wanted to talk to them about Darin's birthday, but not in person. After DQ, we saw The Bourne Ultimatum. It probably would've made more sense if I could remember anything from the first two.
After that we came home, and wrapped presents while we watched Shaun Of The Dead (the best zombie movie EVER!). We had watched Hot Fuzz (also very good) a few days earlier, and it put me in the mood to watch Shaun. You almost have to watch them together; they sorta play off each other.
Yesterday was Darin's birthday. My "baby" turned four! We had pizza and cake at my mom's. Darin had a blast, and got a ton of presents. Then we had pizza for dinner at Jymi's aunt's. He had fun and got even more presents. I think I will spend the rest of my life picking up puzzle pieces and Hot Wheels. He also got some cash, which was his favorite present. He didn't want anyone else to touch his "dollars".
I took him to Target to spend it after we said good bye to Jymi this morning. Afterward we went to my mom's for awhile. I didn't want to go home. I'm still not sure I want to be here. I did decided to treat myself to Selina Fenech's QS Dragonfly. When I downloaded it, though, it was the wrong QS Dragonfly. That'll be fixed soon though. I decided to start it for the new start SAL on the HAED board later this month. Like I need a new project!

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Friday, August 03, 2007
Thank Goodness For Maternal Instints!
We've all been congested for about a week now. It's been miserable, but it's just allergies. This morning, Darin woke up saying his ear had boo boos. My first thought was that it was infected, but my brain told me to wait and see if it still hurt tomorrow. So I gave him some medicine, and asked Tobi if his ears hurt, too.
After breakfast, I kissed his forehead, and he was burning up. I panicked, and called the doctor to made an appointment. I'm glad I did. When we got there, his temperature was 100.3, and the doctor said it was definitely infected. He prescribed antibiotics. I am so glad I didn't listen to my brain.
Jymi's even more eager about coming home, now that Darin's sick. Jymi always worries so much about the boys when they're sick, especially Darin. Part of that may be that the only time Darin really lets Jymi hold him is when he's too sick to get away. Darin's very much a mama's boy. Jymi's leaving tonight, and he'll be home by lunchtime tomorrow!
I still haven't gotten any stitching done. It's been almost a week now. I've been cleaning house. I've got pictures of that, but that's more to prove to Jymi that the house was clean before the boys destroyed it again. All that's left is my room and a couple loads of laundry. There is now a (visible) floor in every room, and all but mine have been cleaned and Febreezed! I'll do mine after dinner. Right now, I think both boys need a dose on Benadryl, and I need a shower. My car doesn't have air conditioning, and it's almost a necessity her in the summer. The house is almost clean, and my husband's almost home! The only downside is Darin's ear, and it doesn't bother him nearly as much as his congestion! Hope everyone else has a great weekend!

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