Monday, April 16, 2007
Rock On!
I got as far as I could with my model, so I stitched along on The Castle Saturday. More rocks. I'll work on it again, today. I'll probably stitch more rocks.
I also worked on Jymi's stocking yesterday. I didn't get much stitching done. I had to do laundry. Jymi insists on having clean clothes to wear. Of course, Jymi's only got four pairs of pants, where the boys and I have enough clothes to last two or three weeks. Jymi did stop to look at it though, and told me it looked nice. For Jymi referring to my stitching, that's a huge compliment.
Now back to The Castle, and more rocks.

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Thursday, April 05, 2007
Goals And SBQ
My goals for March were: participate in The Castle, Black Swan, and Teresa Wentzler SALs, continue with Tobi's stocking (finsh at least the shelves, maybe the drawers), and maybe start something small. I SALed when I could, and I did finish the shelves and drawers. I did my Dragon Dreams exchange piece, which could qualify as my small project. I also started a model.
Time for my April goals. First up is to finish my model. Of course, I'm also gonna try to do the SALs, when I'm done with the model. Other than that, I just plan to work on Tobi's stocking.
Now for last week's SBQ. Do you have a system for organizing freebie charts in your stash? If so, what is it? Do you print out copies of all of the freebies that you find on the web (that you think you might actually stitch) or do you maintain electronic copies of them until you are ready to stitch them?
Mostly, I print them when I'm ready to stitch them. I have different folders for different designers. The ones I do have printed are organized in my notebooks by designers.
No current stitching pics to share. So here's a picture of the chart for Land Of Enchantment (Heaven And Earth Designs). I got the email version in a trade awhile back, but the printer ran out of ink after about ten pages. We got more ink recently, so I printed the other twenty something pages. I'm currently having a hard time resisting starting one of these. I went to get needles yesterday, and debated whether or not to get fabric. Maybe when I finish Tobi's stocking.
I did find out that the peeling on my tattoos was normal. They're done peeling now, and they itch like mad. Jymi says I'll be ready for my next one as soon as it stops itching. I'm ready now, I just don't have anymore spare cash, and I want to lose more weight before I get another. Between two kids and depression, I've gain about seventy-five pounds. I've lost seven, though. I'll get my next one when I've lost at least fifty.

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Monday, April 02, 2007
New Tattos
This is my very first tattoo! It's about three inches wide and six inches tall, on my right shoulder/back.
We went Friday afternoon, and got there about two. There was nobody else there, and since I wanted Jymi there with me, I got to go first. My artist was very nice, and started in a section that wouldn't hurt as much, so I could get used to it. About an hour after he started, he got a call from the owner that the health inspector was coming. So I got to take a break, while he found all the necessary paperwork, made sure the bathroom had been swept, etc. When he started again, he apologized for the delay, and said he hated having to stop in the middle like that. After another, more painful, hour the outlining was done! Jymi had a different artist doing his (different artists, different strengths), so once my outline was done, he went ahead and got started with his. It took another half hour to fill it in. The artist said that my skin was too soft; he had to keep going back over it to get it dark enough.
I can't get a good picture of my second one. It's about two inches by two inches.
After my first one, my artist needed a cigarette break, and I needed a drink. So I went and sat with Jymi for a couple minutes. I was there when the health inspector told Jymi's artist that everything was great, and gave them their paperwork. That's always reassuring.
Then it was time for my second one. The little one only took about twenty minutes, total. I added the boys' names. I got it on my left breast, because they'll always be close to my heart. Cheesy, I know, but true nonetheless.
It was then that my artist told me I picked a big design for my first tattoo, and in a few places it came close to my spine, which is why it hurt so much at the end. The little one barely hurt at all.
I'm having issues now, though. The lotion Jymi got to put on them started to peel off what skin had started to grow back. So I had to go back to the ointment you use the first few days, which can drain the color if you use it too much. Now there are a couple spots on my big one you can see it's pulled some out. You should get them touched up every few years anyway though, so I may just have to do it a little sooner.
Jymi got his in the middle of his chest. I sat with him after I was finished, and there were a couple times he was about to cry. That was painful. Much worse the my big one, I'm sure, but I've still got him beat. I gave birth. Twice.
It's gorgeous though. The picture does not begin to do it justice. His first two tattoos (an Egyptian eye, and the Japanese Kanji for father) look very sad in comparison. When he was finished, the artist took a picture of it for his portfolio.
Saturday, we had the deployment meeting. It was boring, and only created more anxiety for me. The boys had fun at the child care, though. Tobi drew over twenty pictures for me. At first, I thought he was taking home other kids' pictures, but they all had his name, and little men with light sabers, so I know they're really his.
I will post my goals and answer recent SBQs later. Jymi's got the week off so I can only have five minutes at a time on the computer!

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