Wednesday, October 17, 2007
Today is the first day I've had in what seems like forever where I didn't have anything planned. I have not blogged in forever, and I haven't commented on other blogs. I haven't even stitched! By the time I get home, I'm too exhausted to do anything at all.
We went to the Renaissance Festival Sunday, with Jymi's family. It's unfair to say that my in-laws don't like me, because most of them do. It's just Jymi's parents. I think that is why the always favor Tobi over Darin. Tobi is more like Jymi, and Darin is more like me. As soon as we got there, they bought Tobi a hat, a sword, a shield, a tunic, and a belt. Then the bought Darin dice. If someone can understand how that's fair, please enlighten me, cause I couldn't figure it out. After Darin kept wanting to see Tobi's sword, they got him his own set of stuff. They looked very cute, and I have pictures, but Blogger won't let me put them up right now. They rode a camel with Jymi's sister and her friend, and Tobi is still talking about it.
Monday school was out, and I had a parent/teacher conference. She said Tobi's doing well. The teacher's assistant has a soft spot for Tobi. After that, I took the car in for an estimate. It finally stopped overheating, and then the power steering went out. That was going to be a $700 problem.
Tuesday, I took the car in, and went to my sister's. We made cookies for the kids to take to school. It took most of the day, both to get the car fixed and to make three batches of cookies for four kids to takes to class.
Tobi's class was ecstatic! When we came in with a box of cookies, all the little kids started thanking Tobi. He was suddenly the most popular student. One little boy who didn't like Tobi is now his friend.
Since Darin doesn't go to school, he took some cookies to his "class" at the YMCA child care center. They loved them. They said they get lots of cookies at Christmas, but they never get Halloween cookies.
I'm still going to the YMCA Monday through Friday mornings. The first week, I gained a pound, but last week I lost two. I haven't weighed myself this week, but hopefully I've lost another pound or two. Either way, I'm enjoying an hour or so a day without Darin. That may sound mean, but that child drives me insane some days.
Anyway. I've got a free hour, so I'm gonna try to stitch some on Tobi's stocking. Hope everyone has a nice weekend!


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Tuesday, October 02, 2007
September Accomplishments And October Goals
I didn't really have any goals for September. I worked on Angel Of Capricorn, Dragonfly QS, and Ruby QS. I also started and finished the newest Mother's Wisdom, Listen To Your Teacher.
My goal for October is to put in at least on hour everyday on Tobi's stocking. I hope to finish it November. Then he can finally have it for Christmas. It's driving me nuts.
Tobi lost another tooth! He let me pull it, which I thought was a big deal. I always hated having somebody pull my teeth! He showed me how much it was wiggling, and you could see the root of the tooth poking through his gums! So I gave it a little tug, and it came right out. Tobi was so excited about the tooth fairy coming back, he didn't realize how much he was bleeding! I had to give him a wet washcloth to hold on it. I am so proud of him. He didn't cry or whine or anything. He "took it like a man." He forgot to put it under his pillow, but the tooth fairy left him some money anyway. He asked me this morning if I would go to Target and buy him a set of Star Wars guys with his money while he was in school. Unfortunately, they only had a few sets, and they were all ones he already had.
I joined the YMCA and Spark People. I've decided that when Jymi comes home I will be skinny. I joined Monday morning, and have been four times. When I drop Darin off at the child care room, he gets so upset. Monday, I couldn't leave him, and today they told me they'd get me if he wouldn't stop. So I did about fifteen minutes on the treadmill, and went back to check on him. There's always someone at the door, and she saw me coming down the hall and said he was fine. Worrying about Darin helped keep my heart rate up, though. So I went back and worked out some more.
Monday afternoon, after Darin's tantrum in the morning, we went back after school with Tobi. He was fine while Tobi was there, too. They didn't play together, but Darin just felt more secure with Tobi there. He was still not happy to be there this morning. After I picked up Tobi, he asked if we were going back. I didn't see why not, so we went back again in the afternoon. According to Spark People, in two days, I've burned over six hundred calories. I don't plan to go twice a day everyday, but for now, while Darin is still getting used to the child care.
The boys have also joined a self defense/Karate class at the YMCA. The first class is in a couple days, and the boys are excited. Every time we pass the stairs, they ask if we're going up there. I think they'll enjoy it. After the two work outs though, I'm exhausted. Good night, all!

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