Thursday, November 01, 2007
Still Exhausted With New Goals
Life is still hectic, but getting a little better. I have been stitching more than before, but still not much. I am going to try to put up a picture of my pitiful progress on Tobi's stocking. I guess pitiful progress is still progress though.
My October goal was to work on Tobi's stocking for an hour everyday. Not even close. I did maybe an hour a week.
My November goal is to finish all the cross stitch on Tobi's stocking. I have to. I have to get this done by Christmas. It is getting there, slowly, but surely.
Speaking of Christmas, for the first time ever, I've gotten my shopping done early! I have gotten almost all of the boys' presents. I still want to get Darin a droppable toddler's digital camera. Maybe then, he'll stop stealing mine. I also want to get them Ratatouille and the DVD of Pixar shorts. They both come out Tuesday.
The boys had a good Halloween. Tobi was a very cute Harry Potter, and Darin was Diego. Pictures will come when I have more energy. We went trick-or-treating with my sister and her family. I ended up carrying Darin about half the way. My arms and back are still very sore. They got more candy than I know what to do with. So not what I need to lose weight.
I have lost a total of three pounds in a month. Not bad, but not great. I am going to the YMCA at least five times a week. I am doing aerobics on the weekend. I have done at least twenty minutes of cardio every day since the fourteenth. Even when I don't lose weight, my measurements get smaller.
My wedding ring doesn't fit anymore. It's really starting to slip off easily now. I may start wearing it on a chain instead. I'm not sure about getting it sized. We bought it off eBay. I've never had a ring sized, but I'm just not sure it's worth it. I don't know how much it costs, and I'm afraid it will cost more to size the ring than we paid for it. It's a mystic topaz set in sterling silver. It's not worth much, but it's all we could afford. It's very pretty and special to me.
Tomorrow is Tobi's first school field trip. I get to chaperone! The teacher said they'd had lots of volunteers, but most of them had not had their background checks done. I passed mine, and I'm very excited. They're going to an apple orchard, and I remember going there in first grade. Tobi's very excited, too.
Darin is spending tonight at my mom's, and tomorrow while we're gone. Every eight weeks or so, dealing with my difficult son, worrying about my husband, and PMS all catch up with me. I think Darin is the biggest factor in this. It's not really his fault though. It's just that we're together, all day, every day, and we both grate on each other's nerves. He's a stubborn child, at a difficult age, going through a stressful, confusing (to a four-year-old) situation. The doctor said it was normal. I just need a break sometimes. Of course, that makes me feel like a bad mom, along with several other things I just can't seem to teach Darin. Today I cried in the locker room after a child care worker had to come get me because Darin had an accident. It wouldn't be so bad if it really was an accident, but he does it because he's mad at me. Oh well. At least I know they gave me the right baby. He's just like I was at that age.
Anyway. I think that's all for now. I gotta get some sleep if I'm gonna help look after a buttload of kindergartners tomorrow. Have a nice weekend.

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At 10:25 AM, Blogger Sharon

Hi Faye, glad to hear that things are getting better. I can't believe you have all your Christmas shopping done for the boys. I am slowly getting there. You know kids all drive us crazy, if you need some more I can send you mine-LOL Especially my 13 year old. Take care and I hope Jymi is okay.