Friday, February 01, 2008
It's Been A While
Life's been busy. When is it not? I'm gonna try to do better. I've been stitching a little more lately. I've mostly been working on Dragonfly. I've done more since this scan, but I haven't had time to get a new scan yet. It's about 20% done though. I got discouraged for awhile with all the confetti, but I finally sucked it up and got going. I'm working on the skin, now. I've also got a few stitches in on the dragon, but no more than five.
Most days, I only get about 45 minutes to stitch, now, while I wait for Tobi to get out of school. That's the downside to my new, healthier lifestyle. I've gone from five hours of sleep a night to eight. That's great, but guess what I used to do with those extra three hours at night? Not to mention the two hours at YMCA six days a week. It's worth it though. I am almost to a healthy weight! And then I get a new tattoo!
I started Dorothy And Toto for the Heaven And Earth Designs SAL challenge. It doesn't look like much, but it goes pretty fast. I really love it. It's got alot more colors than you can tell in the picture. I love Wizard Of Oz stuff. I'm still really hoping that Wicked Witch And Her Flying Monkey will be charted, so I can stitch it as a companion. Not that I'll ever finish either.
There was also a SWIP SAL, so I pulled out Invariance. It had been neglected the longest. I managed to get in a few hundred stitches. They were all the same shade of blue. So next time I pull it out, I put in a different shade.
Tobi has started his yellow belt class. They start sparring this week. They're not allowed to actually hit each other though, until they've got protective gear. Part of what that means is I have to buy Tobi an athletic cup. That is so not a mommy job! That is daddy job if there ever was one!
For now though, I have to go make dinner, and get Tobi ready for class. Have a great weekend.

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At 10:09 AM, Blogger Cindy

You are off to a great start! I'm hoping that the Flying Monkey art will be charted,'s too much fun to be able to resist :)


At 11:06 PM, Blogger Juls

I've been thinking about lots've been quiet. I hope all is well and hubby is home now...maybe that's why you've been quiet. I am going to start another HAED.......