Sunday, November 18, 2007
Stocking And SBQs
Ta-da! This is Tobi's stocking, as of the twelfth. I've done even more since then! Now I've just got to keep it up. It's going to be close trying to get it done by this Christmas.
Now for some old SBQs. Is there anything you would like to see more of in the world of cross stitching? Is there anything you would like to see less of? This can be patterns, flosses, fabrics, etc etc. More dragons! I haven't seen many new dragons out lately. I think there are plenty of hand dyed fabrics and flosses out. It seems like so many people have started their own lines on hand dyed fabrics. Sometimes it seems like too many. I guess that mean you can always find just the right color though, I guess.
What are your favorite online stitching supply sources? If I buy something online, it's usually through Shakespeare's Peddler. They have or can order everything I ever want. I get a Picture This Plus automatic, so I usually can just have extras sent with that. They also have frequent buyer cards. Every $200 spent gets you $10 off. That's the only online shop I've used lately.
What for you means to achieve mastery as a stitcher? To me, it's an impossibility. There will always be something else you can learn.
What proportion of your stitching is for your own personal use versus gifts? I'd say 80% is for me. 15% is gifts that will stay in my house (for Jymi or boys). That leaves 5% for gifts for other people. I just don't have alot of people in my life who would appreciate it, so I don't bother much with gift stitching.
Do you railroad? Sometimes, but not usually. I always picked projects with lots of confetti when I started, so I couldn't really railroad.
If you were a cross stitch designer, what would your design style be? Fantasy stuff, probably. That's what I always loved. It'll never happen though. I can't even draw stick figures. Not to mention it's alot of work, and I'm just too lazy. I'm happy just following other people's charts.
When you have to frog out stitches, do you reuse that thread or do you start over with a new strand? I use to reuse it, but I don't anymore. Now I get too frustrated too quick, and cut thread as I'm frogging to keep it out of the way. I still use it if it's only a few stitches though.
That's all. I'll post another pic of Tobi's stocking after the holiday. Happy Thanksgiving!

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