Saturday, November 17, 2007
Long Overdue
Pictures! First, the boys in their Ren Fest stuff. I think they're very cute but I may be biased!
Next, Halloween pics. Tobi is Harry Potter and Darin is Diego. Also in the picture, my niece (grim reaper), my nephew (a phantom), and one of their friends (Spiderman).
I though this one was cute. I was carrying Darin since he was tired, and the other boy asked his mom to carry him, too. So I let him carry Darin, and told him it would be about the same as his mom carrying him. The way he held him though, it looked like Spiderman saving a child. It may just be that I'm goofy, but it struck me as funny.
This is Tobi on his school field trip. They went to the local apple orchard. This picture is form the hayride. Tobi's class had three chaperones cancel at the last minute, but we still had seven parents there. The other kindergarten classes from his school only had four, at most. I got to be in charge of taking the kids to the potty. You want a challenge, try taking 21 kindergartners for four porta-potties on a field trip.
I've been doing alot of volunteer work at the school lately. I've been helping pass out fundraiser stuff, and next week I'm working at the book fair.
I love Tobi's school. Public schools weren't as nice when I was little. Everything is so clean and beautiful. All the teachers are so nice. The kids have painted the ceiling tiles in art. There are amazing murals on the walls. There is even a garden where teachers can have outdoor classes. The garden is unreal. It looks like the kind of chaotic yet organized place where you might find a fairy. They also teach all the children French. Even the kindergartners know the pledge of allegiance in French. Why you would ever need to know the pledge of allegiance to the American flag in French, I haven't figured out, but it's kinda neat to watch these little kids say it. They don't even realize what they're saying when it's in English!
he school has the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program. To graduate with and IB diploma, you had to do so much community service, and they're teaching them that at Tobi's school. The kindergarten classes collected over thirty pounds of goodies to send to Jymi and his friends. The fifth graders have been selling T-shirts to help save the rain forests. Every ten shirts they sell saves an acre of rain forest in the school's name. I bought one for each of us, since that has always been a cause close to my heart, and mentioned it to my dad a couple days later. He asked me to get him one, too. So our family has saved half an acre rain forest. The third graders were also raising money, for charity, by selling donuts. I don't eat donuts though, so I didn't help out with that one.
I have been working on Tobi's stocking. I even have a picture, but Blogger won't let me put it up right now. I'll try again tomorrow. I may still get it done by Christmas. I've been taking it with me to stitch on while I wait for Tobi to get out of school. It is getting there. Pictures tomorrow!

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