Saturday, December 01, 2007
November Accomplishments, December Goals, And Thanksgiving Recap
My November goal was to finish all the cross stitch on Tobi's stocking. Didn't happen, but it is getting there. I've got a small model, so Tobi's stocking is on hold. At this point though, I don't think I could get it finished and put together by this Christmas anyway. I will have it done by the next Christmas, though. I really mean it this time.
My December goals are to finish the model and work on Tobi's stocking.
The model shouldn't take too long. I haven't worked on it near as much as I should, but it goes fast when I pick it up. I've been taking it with me to stitch on in the car while I wait for Tobi to get out of school. Although, I have to admit, one day this past week, I was so tired, I took a nap in the front seat instead.
I decided to take the boys to my dad's house in Virginia for Thanksgiving. We drove up Wednesday. Eight hours in a car with a four-year-old and a six-year-old. I was ready to scream by the time we got there. I had given in to listening to Halloween songs. Anything to get them to quiet down.
Thursday, we got back in the car and drove two hours to my aunt's house in Maryland for Thanksgiving dinner. Her grandson was there, too, and he and my boys had a blast. Tobi couldn't remember his name to save his life, but he's still asking when we're going to go see his, "friends in the yellow shirt," again. We drove back that evening.
Friday, I was so tired, the boys stayed at my dad's all day watching movies. My dad had to work. In the evening though, we drove through our old neighborhood, to see if there were any lights up yet. The boys loved the few lights we saw.
Saturday, I took the to The Children's Museum in Portsmouth. They had a blast! They have a whole pretend city. All the exhibits are so cool and so much fun, that even the adults forget they're educational! We spent a couple hours looking at everything, pushing every button, and looking at everything! That evening, after my dad got off work, we went down to see the light show on the boardwalk. The boys oohed and ahhed over all the lights.
Sunday, we went to the Navy Exchange, and I bought some Christmas presents for Jymi and the boys. They had some Thomas The Tank Engine Lego sets, where I haven't found them anywhere around here. So I bought one of each set they had for Darin. After that, we went back to my dad's for lunch. Then we started back home. Another eight hours in the car. At least this time, the boy slept about halfway. It was only after I stopped at a gas station to make sure everyone had their own blankies, stuffed animals, and pillows. I also had to make sure their pillows didn't touch. My children are obnoxious.
I picked up most of my framing today. One had somehow gotten the wrong frame. My print of Dragon Soul is gorgeous! It came out beautifully! I will post pictures tomorrow. It's almost bedtime here, and I'm ready for it. Have a nice weekend!

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