Friday, January 04, 2008
Proud Mommy Post
See this picture? This is the last picture of Tobi as a white belt! Tonight, he passed his yellow belt test! I'm so proud of him! I want to tell everyone! Yay Tobi! Parents were allowed in the classroom during the test, but I couldn't just stand around and wait. So I walked around the indoor track for half a mile.
I have been stitching a little, but life still gets in the way. I've been working on Dragonfly QS. She's got lots of hair. I'm enjoying it though.
I worked at the New Year's Party and my brother-in-law's theater again. It was much better this year. There were only about half as many people as last year. There weren't nearly as many drunks, and the ones there were weren't as bad as last year. There was only one puker, and no fights. Thank goodness!
I worked coat check again, and got some nice tips. One guy gave me a twenty for his wife and her two friends. He said his ex-wife used to be a coat check girl, and he remembered how much tips were appreciated.
I also had one guy ask me out. This was after he sent his already drunk girlfriend inside and called her an idiot. Because, you know, disrespecting women is such a turn on. I had to be polite, but I've never actually had to bite my tongue while biting my tongue. When I checked his ID, I saw that he was ten years older than Jymi. I make Jymi feel old as it is, and he's only five years older than me. It was all I could do to not scream, "Oh God no!"
Hope everyone had a pleasant New Year's.

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